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Computational Analysis

EEG-sensors based Brain data analysis application, a renowned University Porject.


Working with a renowned university's research project for Brain Wave- Computational Analysis, where the brain's electronic signals are detected using a Bluetooth-connected Headband device embedded with EEG-sensors. Development of brain-stimulating games for patients of a particular age that aids in capturing the data transferred from the headband. The data collected is structured and sent to the Clinicians portal for research purposes.

computational analysis model

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healthcare mobile applications using react native

React Native for mobile application.

google firebase in healthcare

Google Firebase.

responsive in healthcare applications

Responsive application & dashboards.

computational analysis model features

Computational Analysis- Features

Smart, compact, wireless, EEG-sensor technology-based device to capture the computational brain waves (Beta waves of 13 to 38 Hz frequency) generated while concentrating on the mobile games, accompanied by a Clinician Portal to view & treat patients accordingly.

  • A wireless system, smart-phone & tablet connected application to play brain stimulating games.
  • Customizable, wearable functional brain analyzing system at lower costs.
  • Dynamic Clinician Portal for accumulation of captured brain data for treatment & research purposes.
  • Multi-dimensional network framework for aggregating data from mobile & tablet responsive application.

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functional connectivity analysis

Functional connectivity analysis

brain wave spectrum

Analysis of targeted brain waves from the spectrum.

brain data accumulation

Data accumulation through multiple channels.

psychiatric diseases and neurological disorders

Diagnosis of psychiatric diseases and neurological disorders.