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Clinical Information Extraction

A method to extract data from a genetic report for improved supplement recommendations & intake, lifestyle suggestions, specific genetic variations etc.


Healthcare Text, also called as Healthcare Data can be considered as a rich source of information for conducting researches on chronic conditions and illness. With the vast use of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare, it has helped improve the quality of patient care. Using AI to perform analysis over sensitive health data has proven to be very useful especially in this era of lifestyle.

Here we use a tool to extract the data from an individual gene report and store it in the system's database for analysis. The technology called the Optical Character Recognization is used in the tool to extract the data from scanned documents or tables.

clinical data extraction model

We use technologies that make the application light & fast!

clinical data extraction

Automatic Extraction of Lab data from PDF/Image usin Amazon Textract.

smart medical entities

Smart Medical entities finder (Amazon Comprehend Medical)

healthcare data mining

Data mining method to extract the clinical keywords in the lab file.

clinical data extraction model features

Clinical Information Extraction- Features

Customized Genetic Tool which can extract text data from a genetic lab report and provide valuable supplement and lifestyle suggestions for an individual.

  • Lab data extraction from a PDF using the Optical Character Recognition (OCR) method.
  • Easy storage of the extracted gene data from the PDF.
  • Compare the parameters extracted from the genetic report against the standard values and send out notifications to the concerned person.
  • Ability to provide improved recommendations with the help of powerful analytical methods.

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optical character recognition

The wise OCR technology for clinical data extraction

perform clinical data using AI

AI to perform review on the sensitve clinical data

patient personal information

Filter out Patient Personal Information (PPI) from the clinical data.

clinical data digitalization

Digitalisation of clinical data.