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Gene Analysis Summary

Genetic analysis refers to the overall process of studying and researching in scientific fields involving genetics and molecular biology.

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Gene Analysis is the identification, measurement, or comparison of genomic features such as DNA sequence, structural variation, gene expression, or regulatory and functional element annotation at the genomic scale.

Analysing one's gene data leads us to the path of finding changes in each strand of the DNA and recording them. Our tool compares the individual gene data summary report against the findings to provide more clear insights about chronics conditions.

We use technologies that make the application light & fast!

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Knowledge Graph database

healthcare data analysis

Data analysis on chronics conditions

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Read Genetic file data and store it digitaly

Gene Analysis- Features

A smooth, custom built Gene Analysis Tool which gives the complete analysis of an individual’s gene data starting from their Traits, SNPs, Risk Variants to the Implications.

  • Seamless uploads of the Genetic Files into the system. The size of the file does not slow the performance of the system.
  • Easy & quick analysis of individual’s Gene Data and report generation.
  • Key findings of traits and take neccessary actions to improve health with diet and lifestyle recommendations.
  • Detailed analysis of the impact created by specific traits on the human body.
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Insights about underlying genetic component of a trait.

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Powerful tool to examine genetic contribution to lifestyle.

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Empower individuals to manage their own health

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Enhanced benefits by increasing Lifestyle & Nutrition.