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Lifestyle Suggestions

Tailoring dietary recommendations to an individual's genetic profile, personalized suggestions aims to prevent the onset and progression of chronic diseases.


In genomics, the lifestyle suggestions has the potential to make genetic diagnosis of disease a more efficient and cost-effective process, by reducing genetic testing to a single analysis, which then informs individuals throughout life. Who says a No to better lifestyle suggestions..

Our practitioners can access a person's genetic code to better determine what lifestyle starting from the sleep pattern to diet, exercise & nutrition is best for him or her, resulting in enhanced outcomes and lower costs. AI suggestions are implemented which reduces the practitioner's time.

lifestyle suggestions model

We use technologies that make the application light & fast!

secure authentication in healthcare

Simple & Secure Authentication using Amazon Cognito

healthcare data visualization

Data visualization using knowledgeable graphs GRAKN.AI

smart exercise remainder

Smart Exercise Reminder to follow up the routine.

lifestyle suggestions model features

Lifestyle Suggestions- Features

Identify the interactions between a Genome & the Lifestyle Factors to calculate the influence of the genetic factors have over lifestyle and lifestyle caused diseases.

  • A clean & neat Patient’s panel to display complete lifestyle suggestions to improve & change both core and mental health for Healthy Living.
  • Personalized wellness plans for individuals based on their genetic data framed by the Practitioners.
  • Suggests a perfectly balanced plan to avoid future risk factors.
  • Improved care by the primary Practitioner.

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nutrition diet

Nutrition advice & personalized diet plan for health benefits.

personalized diet

Customized exercise routine for added benefits of the personalized diet plan.

healthcare optimization

Achievement of Optimal Health

saving practioner time

AI-based suggestions to reduce the time of the Practitioner.