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Supplement Suggestions & Recommendations

Individually tailored suggestions for research-backed supplements based on genetic profiles

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Taking dietery & nutrition supplements as a part of our lifestyle has become an inevitable truth in this fast moving world. Imagine taking such supplements that can deep dive into our protien build-up and cure illness! A tool that can act as an interface for finding out medical problems in human beings like aging, lifespan and cancer, sounds interesting right?

In Health Engineers, we have a Personalized Genetic Tool that fetches insights from an individual's gene data and provides actionable dietary & lifestyle recommendations which are purely based on medicine and scientific researches conducted on Nutrigenomics.

We use technologies that make the application light & fast!

healthcare database

Knowledge Graph Database

healthcare web service

A simple & secure sign up using AWS Cognito

supplement catalog

Supplement Catalog for smart suggestions.

Supplement Suggestions & Recommendations- Features

An interface burnished according to the real-time, widely used by Doctors and Practitioners to provide supplement suggestions & recommendations based on the gene data analytical report generated.

  • Individualized supplement suggestions according to the implications identified in the trait.
  • Recommendations made based on the nutrition deficiencies mapped from the report.
  • Ability of the tool to recommend the correct combination of supplements based on the individual gene report.
  • Supplement recommendations manually done by Doctors or Practitioners for an individual. Practitioners can review the supplement recommended by system and choose them.
supplements recommendations & suggestions model features

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Personalised supplements to improve Individual health

single nucleotide polymorphisms

Deep insights about the SNPs of a genome

genetic reports

Single page report that correlates genotype & supplement suggestions.

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AI- based Supplement suggestions