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Clinical Assertions

Use of NLP in Healthcare allowing physicians to optimize patient care by identifying the most pressing health issues and providing immediate treatment.

NLP Clinical Assertion Models


Clinical assertion modeling allows healthcare professionals to analyze clinical notes to determine whether a patient has a problem and whether the problem is present, lacking, or predicated. As a result, clinical assertion models are frequently used to aid in the diagnosis and treatment of patients. Clinical NLP systems which can detect assertion status of given target medical findings in clinical context are highly demanded.

We use technologies that make the application light & fast!

NLP Transformers for Clinical Assertion

Hugging Face- Transformers for NLP

Clinical Data Entities

Amazon Comprehend Medical & AWS Lambda.

Transcribe Bot Platform

Rev.ai for Transcribing.

Clinical Assertions- Features

Increase diagnosis accuracy by identifying the assertion modifiers in the Clinical Notes and put a full stop to misdiagnosis.

  • Give correct diagnosis to patients and treat them accordingly.
  • NLP promotes optimized patient care by eliminitating the assertions.
  • Easy & great clinical text processing speed.
  • The NLP system helps recognize words that can be mistaken for a medical keyword.
NLP Clinical Assertion Models Features

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Data identification in EHR

Clinical records structured into sections for easy identification.

Direct Integration with EHRs

Direct implementation with EHRs

Clinical notes assertion detection

Clinical notes assertion detection.

Clinical Keywords Extraction

Extract only clinical keywords.