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Voice Transcribe Automation

A system that can automatically capture the key points of a conversation between Practitioner & Patient and updates in the EHR while also providing you with a proper Clinical Document. The Practitioner & the Patient just have to engage in a normal conversation.

Voice Transcribe Automation Model


AI Transcribe can automatically convert your medical conversations with patients into clinical documents and instantly update them in your EHR. As a result, the time spent taking notes is reduced. All you have to do is relax and engage in a pleasant conversation with your patient. It allows for simple integration with your existing EHR application.

We use technologies that make the application light & fast!

Amazon Comprehend Medical & AWS Lambda.

Transcribe Bot Platform

Rev.ai for Transcribing.

NLP Transformers for Transcribing

Hugging Face- Transformers for NLP

Voice Transcribe Automation- Features

Simplify your process & improve access to quality patient care with the AI Voice Transcribe Software.

  • Increase the interactions between the Practitioner and the Patient by removing the screen between them.
  • Easily manage your EHR database with just one click.
  • Clear recordings of the conversation and eliminate the background noises.
  • Quick, easy & proper Clinical Documentation accessable to the patient.
Voice Transcribe Automation Model Features

Why Choose Us?

We provide you with the best and flexible solution for your software ideas!

Data Entry in EHR

Time taken for data entries are reduced.

Misdiagnosis Elimination Process

Eliminates the possibilities of misdiagnosis.

Accurate Results using NLP

Accurate results.

Automatic Recorder for Medical Conversations

Automatically record medical conversations.