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Online E-prescriptions

Generating electronic prescriptions to ease the process of sending prescriptions to the pharmacy directly, instead of handwritten or screen snaps that might not be clear, leading to misconsumption.


E-Prescriptions are the process of generating electrical prescriptions & sending them online (through internet-connected services) so that physicians and practitioners can send prescriptions directly from their point of care to the pharmacy in tie-up with. Electronic prescription improves accuracy, enhances patient safety and quality of care since no handwritten notes are involved for the pharmacist to interpret & understand.

Online E-Prescriptions Model

We use technologies that make the application light & fast!

Secured Communication Tool API integration

Secured Communication Tool

Automatic Medicine Prescription Updates

Automatic updates of medicines in prescriptions.

Smart Notification System

Smart Notifications for various parameters and app updates.

Online E-Prescriptions Model Features

Online E-prescription - Features

Save your time and resource with our electronic prescription feature that can directly deliver the prescription created for a specific patient to the pharmacy’s system.

  • Generation of e-prescriptions for a particular patient and update the same data in the Electronic Medical Record (EHR).
  • Ensure the quality of care with the dynamic prescription scripter & enhanced medicine database with easily available combinations of drugs advised to the patients.
  • Reduce the pain point for the patient by automatically updating prescriptions and eventually reducing the time invested in searching & ordering medicines online.
  • Customized weekly and monthly notifications via text message, push notifications and email regarding the prescriptions for both practitioner and patient.

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Secured Online Communication

Secured online communication.

Automatic Updates in EHR

Automatic updates in EHR.

Medication Management and Medicine History

Manage medications and can view history of medicine for a patient.

Medicine Suggestions

Reduce writing time and increase accuracy in suggesting medicines.