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Real-time Health

The modern patient expects to be able to contact their doctor 24/7 a day and clinicians can now use telemedicine to monetize remote assistance.


Telemedicine is the use of technology to provide remote healthcare. Essentially, it enables physicians to treat patients whenever and wherever they are needed, using a computer or smartphone. Collecting clinical data and electronically transmitting it to the site for evaluation, shortly sending it to the digital database, EHR.

Data from the EHRs can be extracted easily in an instant, with the condition of getting consent from the patient first. Using the data, the physicians will be able to predict & provide suitable treatments for the patients.

Real-time Telehealth Model

We use technologies that make the application light & fast!

Data Analyzation for Physicians

Simple and Elegant UI for Physicians to analyze data.

Secured System for EHR data storage

Patients data’s are stored in secured system.

Smart Notifications

Smart Notifications for various parameters and app updates.

Real-time Telehealth Model Features

Real-time Health Features- Features

Make it simple with our responsive telemedicine application to schedule a doctor-patient visit at any time and from any location along with two-way communication (using video-conferencing/ audio calling/ text chat) for real-time like assistance."

  • Bridge the gap between the medical facilities and people in remote areas using the real-time app
  • Cutting-edge technology that can automatically transmit basic medical data to the EHRs allowing Clinicians to keep track of their patient’s health data.
  • Can be used for a maximum number of specialties, but our application concentrating more on diagnosis & treatment of Chronic Health Conditions.
  • Secured platform for downloading & sharing of sensitive healthcare data with patient’s consent.

Why Choose Us?

We provide you with the best and flexible solution for your software ideas!

Lower Healthcare Expenses

Superior quality of care and fewer healthcare expenses.

Medicare Availability

Increase the availability of Medicare even in times of crisis.

Enhance communication among members

Enhance communication & reduce burden among members of a medical team.

Secured Video Conferencing API Integration

Secured video conferencing platform integration using API.