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Analytical Report Generation

The acquisition & analytics of EEG data is considered to be a critical procedure in the field. But with the implementation of new methods, makes it easy to acquire and perform analytics over the Brain Data.


The system developed by us gives the acquisition of EEG- data in Numerical form to the clinicians for various purposes that might be a great revolution in the near future of Brain Wave Analysis.

We quantify the aspects of inventive brain activity generated while making the patients concentrate on the games developed (especially to trigger the Beta waves). Then the data is extracted and sent directly for analysis to produce reports that can be useful in many ways to the Clinicians.

analytical report generation model

We use technologies that make the application light & fast!

brain data statistics

Option to perform statistics on the data to test the evaluability.

advanced seamless search

Advanced Seamless Search to identify correct reports.

healthcare reports in various formats

Download reports in PDF or .xls formats.

analytical report generation model features

Analytical Report Generation- Features

Increase efficiency & efficacy by using the dynamic GUI for performing minimum-variance beamforming analysis, as well as a rapid and interactive visualization of evoked brain activity.

  • Generate a detailed report of brain activity in an instant without any discrepancies.
  • Use of cutting-edge technology to develop best report generating feature.
  • Download reports by specific date & time in a month in easily accessible formats.
  • Ability to share insights (from the report) across Clinicians for patient activity monitoring & more.

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We provide you with the best and flexible solution for your software ideas!

latest brainwave technologies

Latest technologies to harness brain information in real-time

brainwave data visualisation

Numerical version of data visualization of Brain Wave Data.

cognitive processing for clinicians

Helps in relevant cognitive processing for Clinicians.

brain wave reports

Numerical data helps in developing Imaging Systems in future.