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Outpatient Care

The outpatient sector plays an important role in hospital operations and supports various services for the patients including diagnosis, observation, consultation, treatment, intervention, and rehabilitation.

Outpatient Care Models


Outpatient care does not necessitate the patient's continued presence in a facility making it easy for the patient to recover after the surgery. The observation time of the patient is reduced down as the recovery rate can be monitored periodically & remotely using the AI Voice Bots.

A similar process that is carried out for the pro-operative procedure is applied for the post-surgery too. Automating the calls will help the patient reform their confidence after the surgery which greatly helps them in recovery (both physically and mentally), eventually reducing the burden of the nurses by continuous observation of several patients in a day.

We use technologies that make the application light & fast!

Voice Bot Platform

Bot platform built on Kore.ai

Telecommunication API Integration

Telecommunication API from Vonage

Speech to Text using Google Speech Engine

Google Speech Engine (for STT & TTS)

Outpatient Care- Features

Implement the AI Voice Bot in your hospital & reduce burdens, automate extended support and outpatient care. Consultations, rehabilitation, tests, and other procedures can be performed remotely and monitored via the automated voice calls.

  • Trigger automatic calls to patients to collect information about their current health status along with their feedback.
  • Easy to make improvements to the Bot platform based on the real-time feedback from the patients.
  • Collect patient’s vitals & many other parameters and provide automatic update in medical database for monitoring.
  • Highly reduces the need of the patient to be present in the hospital for weeks after the surgery for observation.
Outpatient Care Models Features

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Patient Services

Outpatient care does not necessitate hospitalization.

Patient Query Model

Simple calling procedure where the patient can give common answers to the questions.

Diagnostic & therapeutic procedures

Diagnostic & therapeutic procedures

Specialised outpatient clinics

Specialised outpatient clinics