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Patient Interactions

Inclining patient interactions by providing the in-person experience for both doctor and patient with Telemedicine.

Patient Interaction Model


Patient interactions encourage patients to take on more responsibility in decision-making, health-related behavior change, and self-management. Patient interactions practices respect the patient's values & preferences, which is reflected in the way the consulting procedure is designed. By increasing the patient interactions, practitioners can provide more personalized care, which thereby increases the confidence of the patient to come for more consultation sessions.

We use technologies that make the application light & fast!s

Transparent access to EHR data

Easy User Interface providing transparent access to data.

Secured Communication for Practitioners and Patients

Secured Communication for both patients & practitioners

Smart Notification System

Smart Notifications for various parameters and app updates

Patient Interactions - Features

An effective way to understand your patients & proportionally bring up the doctor-patient relationship, which is essential for good treatment, care and recovery.

  • Spend more time with your patient to understand their health condition deeply to provide assistance.
  • Effective communication with the help of video, audio, and chat options with high quality and fewer bugs.
  • Supplement the doctor-patient consultation without the need for in-person visits, instead just logging into your smart-phones or PC’s
  • Reduce the time of commute & increase the doctor and patient interactions for more accurate illness diagnosis.
Patient Interaction Model Features

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Doctor-Patient Engagement and Interaction

Builds a positive-provider relationship.

Doctor-Patient Interactions

Making it easier for doctors & hospitals to meet the needs of patients.

Patient Culture

Understanding patient culture.

Patient Queries and Problem-solving

Pay more attention to patient queries & problem-solving.