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Supplement Marketplace

A one-place platform which provides easy access to all of the recommended supplements by their Practitioner and also an option to buy the supplements from the same platform.


According to Nutrigenomics, gene interaction with nutrition is considered the first step of diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of various health conditions. The use of the latest technologies like artificial intelligence has completely altered the approach to nutrition and exercise. A supplement is an additional nutrient taken externally for the build of proteins within the human body.

In recent days, there are many supplements manufactured by various Pharmaceutical companies, which greatly confuses the healthcare providers as well as the care inheritors. They do not know which supplement will be good & suitable for their health. We Health Engineers give you a platform that allows only high-quality & approved Supplements from the database for the Practitioners to recommend to their patients. They can suggest combinations of the supplements from the database that can be sold to the patient via the platform or the patient can buy them from outside, if not from their practitioner.

supplement marketplace model

We use technologies that make the application light & fast!

supplements payment tracking

In-built payment & tracking feature using Stripe.

easy supplements search

Elastic search using Swiftype.

supplements ecommerce

Built with Solidus, an open-source E-commerce framework.

supplement marketplace model features

Supplement Marketplace- Features

An AI-powered Enterprise Search platform that makes it simple and straightforward for enterprises to index material from multiple cloud data sources and provides information about Supplements.

  • Quick & Light paltform that allows for easy vendor interoperability.
  • Data usable in real time and at scale for search, logging, security, and analytics use cases.
  • Wide range of Supplements database that gives more options for the Practitioner for suggestions.
  • Only Approved & Tested OK supplements are added to the database for more cautious recommendations to pateints.

Why Choose Us?

We provide you with the best and flexible solution for your software ideas!

supplements suggestions

Seamless search for supplements

supplements management

Multiple order management

easy integration api

Easy to integrate API

supplements api integration

Smart suggestions using AI.