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Patient Engagement

Patient engagement is an ideal situation where patients are well-informed about their treatment, recuperation, and medication options, as well as all other systems that are relevant to their medical care contributing to improved health outcomes.


Insights obtained from the provider-patient collaboration can be widely used to improve health and provide better health outcomes to everyone in one go. There are many technologies that exist such as smart devices, applications, patient portals, etc. to inform & engage patients. To the list, the AI-powered Voice Bots helps people to be engaged about their health condition 24 hours a day, seven days a week, increasing their convenience.

Patient Engagement Models

We use technologies that make the application light & fast!

Speech to Text using Google Speech Engine

Google Speech Engine (for STT & TTS).

Voice Bot Platform

Bot platform built on Kore.ai

Telecommunication API Integration

Telecommunication API from Vonage.

Patient Engagement Models Features

Patient Engagement- Features

Scale up your patient engagement experience automatically by appointments management, vitals monitoring, current health status updates and much more with our customizable AI Voice Bot.

  • Assists patients with appointments scheduling, reports and billings by just answering to questions.
  • Remote monitoring of patient post-surgery recovery through frequent automated calls.
  • Prevent negative outcomes of the treatment procedure through effective communication with the patient.
  • Improvise the patient experience of care and lower costs by implementing the AI Voice Bot for your process.

Why Choose Us?

We provide you with the best and flexible solution for your software ideas!

Enhanced patient engagement

Enhanced patient engagement via Bot platform.

Patient and Practitioner Portals

Flexible practitioner & patient portals.

EHR Access by Bot Platform

Easy Access to health records (data collected & stored by Bot during the call).

Appointment Scheduling by Voice Bot

Ability to schedule appointments by the voice bot.