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Remote Patient Monitoring

Remote patient monitoring, a solution created to treat patients out of the traditional & conventional hospital, clinic set up comfortably at their homes.

Remote Patient Monitoring Model


Remote patient monitoring provides Clinicians with more direct access to patients, improving the efficiency of their daily routines, and reduces the risk of burnout. All of which results in obvious benefits to patient care as well as a good work-life balance to the Medical team. On the other hand, patients can get continuous treatment and health status monitoring at the ease of their homes without the need to travel distance & tired themselves out.

We use technologies that make the application light & fast!

Smart Secured way to communicate

Smart Secured way to communicate

Quality Healthcare

Provide quality care & reduce burn-outs.

Smart Notifications Systems

Smart Notifications for various parameters and app updates.

Remote Patient Monitoring - Features

Automate your healthcare delivery model using the real-time remote patient monitoring software to improve interactions between patients and clinicians.

  • Improve the quality of patient care with easy navigations for both clinicians & patients.
  • Provide accurate healthcare measures using the high speed analytical tool.
  • Connecting clinicians and patients under very few clicks.
  • You don’t have to worry, our aoftware strictly adheres to the medical laws & data exchange standards.
Remote Patient Monitoring Model Features

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Chronic Condition Management

Chronic care management at understandable level.

Easy Integration with EHR

Quick & easy Integration of existing EHR softwares without any security breaches or data theft.

Easy Setup Procedure with EHR

Immediate setup of the software without the need to follow painful procedures.

Real-time patient data

Real-time patient data at your fingertips