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Clinical De-identification

Sensitive Healthcare Data must be de-identified consistently in order to preserve the Protected Health Information (PHI) of the patients that cannot be disclosed without consent.


Clinical record de-identification is critical in the human life sciences because a de-identified text can be made publicly available to facilitate human research about various chronic health conditions.

Clinical documents on patients contain explicit personal health information (PHI), which prevents the release of many useful data sets due to the risk of jeopardizing individual patient rights. The protected data can be pin pointed by the Natural Language Processing module used in our solution.

NLP Clinical De-identification Model

We use technologies that make the application light & fast!

NLP Transformers for Clinical Data De-identification

Hugging Face- Transformers for NLP

Speech to Text using Google Speech Engine

Google Speech Engine (STT, TTS).

Clinical Data Entities

Amazon Comprehend Medical & AWS Lambda.

NLP Clinical De-identification Model Features

Clinical De-identification- Features

Set your primary goal of de-identifying the PHI details for a particular patient that is collected & updated automatically in the EHR using NLP.

  • Patients first, last names, as well as the names of their health proxies & family members are de-identified.
  • Get data sharing consent from patients just by changing the flow.
  • Replacement of personal data allowing access from any geography.
  • Easy algorithm for identifying the protected patient data.

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De-identification of PHI Data in EHR

De-identification of personal data in clinical documents.

Replace PHI data

Replacement of personal data instead of deletion.

De-identify medications in Clinical Data

De-identify all medications involved.

Custom Bot Platform for de-identification

De-identification tools developed specifically for the Bot platform.